Helicopter Coins From Northwest Territorial Mint

We are glad you have found us. If you are interested in military helicopters, this is the place to be. We have found that a great way for military helicopter enthusiasts and hobbyists to remember and pay tribute to these birds is with the new helicopter coins from northwest territorial mint that were just minted recently.

The role that helicopters have played for the US Army have been vital since first taking flight after World War II. They are an integral part of the Army, and help our soldiers accomplish great things on the battlefield. Each helicopter plays its own unique role, whether fire support, taking troops across the battlefield, providing supplies, or medical evacuations, US Army helicopters do it all and do it well.

Since their introduction to the US Military, helicopters the use of helicopters has evolved to the point of being an integral part to every branch of the military. U.S. Army helicopters are the most advanced in the world, and are used for nearly every single mission, from large scale invasion and troop support, to clandestine high target raids like the one which successfully targeted Al Queda leader and terrorist mastermind Osama Bin Laden. As the battlefields of the world are shifting to isolated and difficult regions, the highly mobile and versatile helicopter will become even more important to the U.S. Military as the 21st century continues to unfold.

Popular U.S. Helicopters

UH-60 BlackHawk

The UH-60 Blackhawk is one of the most recognizable helicopters in use today. It is flown primarily by the U.S. Army, but also finds use in the other military branches, as well as the U.S. Coast Guard and Civil Aviation. It may be known for it’s role in the famous “Blackhawk Down” story and film, but is a workhorse that performs a variety of missions that are critical in keeping the U.S. military running.

The AH-64 Apache

Playing the role of a flying tank, the AH-64 Apache is the premier attack helicopter in the U.S. Military arsenal. Since being introduced in 1989, the Apache helicopter gunship has seen its fair share of military action. This battle-tested bird has preformed beautifully in Panama, the Persian Gulf Region, and Afghanistan.

CH-47 Chinook

One of the most useful helicopters in the U.S. Army is also one of the oldest. The twin-rotor CH-47 Chinook helicopter has been in use since the early 1960s, yet still plays an important role to this day. This heavy transport helicopter is being relied on to ferry troops and supplies to isolated battlefields where roads and traditional means of transportation are virtually non-existent. Without the CH-47 Chinook, U.S. troops would not be able to project their power quite as effectively.